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16 March 2021

Garantie Campez Couvert - COVID-19





In the current health crisis, customer behaviour has changed profoundly in terms of travel reservations. The fear of having to cancel a stay due to COVID-19 has become one of the main obstacles to booking.

Travel insurance is therefore becoming a key issue when it comes to travelling and reserving a stay with peace of mind.

Regularly, Campez Couvert upgrades its offer in order to meet the expectations and problems of campsites. It is with this in mind that over the last two years, the “replacement vehicle” and “forgetting something” covers have been added to our offer.

This year, in order to reassure your customers and encourage reservations at your campsite, we have once again upgraded our coverage so that they meet the COVID-19 challenges.

In addition to the traditional coverage of the Campez Couvert product, the new “COVID-19” cover guarantees policy holders against the individual consequences of the epidemic.

Here are a few lines about Campez Couvert’s COVID-19-specific coverage:

Coverage of cancellation fees – COVID-19, in case of:

Catching COVID 19:

Cancellation due to COVID 19 declared in the month before departure in the event of an epidemic or pandemic*.


Cancellation following a quarantine in the event of a positive COVID test*.

Contact case with quarantine:

Declared contact case (contacted by social security), waiting to take a COVID test or waiting for the test result*.

Denied boarding:

Cancellation for denied boarding due to a temperature reading at the airport or train station*.


Assistance – COVID-19


Provision of a teleconsultation service before departure in case of doubt about your state of health*.


Medical repatriation including in the event of an epidemic or pandemic as well as repatriation following flight cancellation due to an epidemic or pandemic*.

Accommodation costs:

Coverage of accommodation costs following a quarantine or flight cancellation due to an epidemic or pandemic*.

Medical expenses:

Coverage of medical expenses outside the country of residence following a COVID illness, including in the event of an epidemic or pandemic*.

Psychological support:

Psychological unit in the event of aggravated COVID 19 illness of the insured*.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Discover also our graphic display especially for our COVID-19 coverage.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

The Campez Couvert team

*All the coverage listed in this post represents a simple non-contractual summary of the coverage in the contract. As the insurer is only bound by the full text of the contract, you may view the entire contract at any time on our website 


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